GU-01. Master and Chief Mate 500 GT and more (unlimited) STCW A-II/2

The next class:

This course starts on the first day of each month of the year. To apply, press here and our student support will contact you immediately. The next class available is Class 2023-05 which will start on the 1st May 2023.

Duration and Fee

This course lasts 6 months and the total cost is 1950 euro, paid as follows:

● 650 euro in week 1, 650 euro in week 10 and 650 euro in week 20.

● You may choose to pay all at once and benefit from a 150 euro discount (1800 euro in week 1)

Note that the above price is promotional, valid only for the first series of this course.


This course aims to offer knowledge and proficiency to all experienced deck officers wishing to obtain a Deck Certificate of Competency (COC) at the management level. This course is designed in strict accordance with provisions of STCW Code, Table A-II/2, of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW/78), as amended, as well as of the IMO Model Course 7.01 “Master and Chief Mate”.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, successful candidates will be able to exercise the following competencies, as provided by Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code:

  1. Plan a voyage and conduct navigation.
  2. Determine position and the accuracy of resultant position fix by any means.
  3. Determine and allow for compass errors.
  4. Coordinate search and rescue operations.
  5. Establish watchkeeping arrangements and procedures.
  6. Maintain safe navigation through the use of information from navigation equipment and systems to assist command decision making
  7. Forecast weather and oceanographic conditions
  8. Respond to navigational emergencies
  9. Maneuver and handle a ship in all conditions
  10. General Knowledge of Remote Controls of Propulsion Plant and Engineering Systems and Services.
  11. Plan and ensure safe loading, stowage, securing, care during the voyage and unloading of cargoes
  12. Assess reported defects and damage to cargo spaces, hatch covers and ballast tanks and take appropriate action
  13. Carriage of dangerous goods
  14. Control trim, stability and stress
  15. Monitor and control compliance with legislative requirements and measures to ensure safety of life at sea, security and the protection of the marine environment
  16. Use of Leadership and Managerial skills
  17. Communicate in in English language, use onboard computers and specialized IT applications

Course Structure:

The total duration of the „Master and Chief Mate 500 GT And More” course is 24 weeks, structured as follows:

Week numberType of Training
Weeks 1 -17Online training, individual study, tutored / moderated by the course instructor
Weeks 18, 19, 20Classroom or Zoom lessons (conducted directly by the course instructor)
Week 21Simulator scenarios (practical exercises conducted by the simulator instructor)
Week 22Practicing Online Self-Assessments
Week 23Final Online Exams
Week 24Resits (Re-examination s for failures

Important note: Course participants will fill the “Course Planning Form”, in which they choose the calendar periods for weeks 18-21. Participants may shift periods allocated to Zoom and simulator activities in order to fit their personal seagoing agenda. Based on this form, GIMET will build cohorts of students and course series which avoid interference with the planned seagoing voyages of each participant.

“Master and Chief Mate 500 GT and More” course covers the below academic subjects, which are organized as separate courses, as follows:

 Course Name (Academic Subject)OnlineZoomSimulator
Course 5: IMDG CODEXX 

Participants can cover the online part whenever they want. The Zoom and Simulator parts must be covered when participants are at home, and able to work 6 hours per day for 4 weeks.

Course Type: Blended

75% Online (18 weeks) on GIMET e-learning platform), and 

25% Classroom Zoom Lessons, Simulator Sessions, Self-assessments and Exams tutored by a qualified instructor (6 weeks).

Learning Environment:

The learning environment is in the English language: course content, teaching and tutoring activities, communications and all supporting documents are 100% in the English language.

Course Entry Requirements:

The course is open to all experienced deck officers, of any nationality, holding a certificate of competency (COC) at the operational level, that wish to obtain the Chief Mate COC. This course is also open to Masters and Chief Mates wishing to change or renew their existing COC.

Candidates enrolling in this course shall meet the requirements as an officer in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnes and more, and have approved seagoing service as follows:

  1. For certification as chief mate, not less than 12 months, and
    1. For certification as master, not less than 36 months. This period is reduced to 24 months if at least 12 months of the seagoing service has been served as chief mate.

Prior to starting this course, candidates shall be required to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency in the subjects listed in column 2 of Table A-II/1 for officers in charge of a navigational watch.

Course intake limitation

One class must be of minimum 4, maximum 9 officers. This limitation comes naturally from the new methods of delivering lessons using audio-video communication software (Zoom-type) and iCloud simulator scenarios.

Simulator exercises will be run in teams of 2 or 3 officers. Simulator instructor will divide the class into groups of 2 or 3 students for this purpose.

There is no intake limitation for independent online activity on GIMET e-learning platform. All exams are individual and are conducted online, with a video surveillance system.

Simulator scenarios

Each simulator scenario is allocated 2 hours, which includes awareness, briefing, assessment and debriefing. Minimum pass mark of a simulator scenario is 70%. In the case of failure, participants will need to repeat a similar scenario and will benefit from a tutorial session.

Daily program

Officers enrolled in this course have the following programme:

· During the 17 weeks dedicated to the online part, participants are completely free to login and log out of the e-learning platform.

· During the 4 weeks allocated to the Zoom and simulator classes, the daily working programme will be 08.00 to 15.00, with 1 hour (12.00 to 13.00) lunch break. Each hour last 50 minutes with a  10 minutes allocated to a coffee break.

· During the week allocated to self-assessment, participants are completely free to login and log out of the e-learning platform.

· During the weeks allocated to final online exams and resits, participants will choose their own schedule. There are 2 online exams of 30 minutes each, allocated to each day of the week (10 exams in total).

Required Logistics

Officers participating in this course will use the following tools:

-personal computer or laptop with working microphone and web camera (mobile phones are not allowed);

-a good internet connection (minimum 3mbs);

-personal numerical calculator and navigation instruments (triangles and protractor);

-computational forms, diagrams, Norie’s tables, Astronomical Almanac, dictionaries, reading papers, bibliography, and student manuals can be downloaded freely from the GIMET e-learning platform;

-personal notebook allocated for this course.

Course Assessment and Certification:

The course “Master and Chief Mate 500 GT and More” organized by GIMET is divided into 10 specialized courses (see the above table), which are subject to online examination in week 23. Thus, participants must pass all 10 online exams in order to obtain the course completion certificate. Minimum pass mark is 65%.

A course completion certificate, internationally recognized, will be issued upon successful exams at the end of the course.

Course Approval:

This course is approved by Palau International Ship Registry (PISR). Be advised that PISR is an IMO White Listed Maritime Administration and their certificates are world-widely recognized. PISR head offices are in Athens, London and Miami and they manage a digital registry for seafarers.

Obtaining the COC and the Discharge Book:

Participants in this course will use the course completion certificate issued by GIMET to enroll in a COC online exam organized by PISR (the examination tax is 250 euro). If needed, GIMET can support participants in obtaining a PISR Discharge Book (which can be used in parallel with the national Seaman Book.

Be advised that PISR recognizes, by reciprocity, all STCW courses done in any IMO White – listed country.

Your Future Professional Route:

This course organized by GIMET helps you to obtain a white-listed COC as Chief Mate, unlimited, recognized internationally in accordance with the STCW Convention. Participants may keep their national Seaman Book together with the discharge book kept by Palau. As soon as you practice 12 months in the Chief Mate capacity, you can directly apply for a Master COC, unlimited, with PISR or with other administrations bilaterally agreed. GIMET offers online STCW courses necessary to extend the validity of your COC in the future, but you remain free to choose any training center in the world that fits your expectations (price, duration, method of delivery).

Apply for the next class:

This course starts on the first day of each month of the year. To apply, press here and our student support will contact you immediately. The next class available is Class 2023-05 which will start on the 1st of May 2023.