This course has been designed to meet the criteria of the IMO Guidelines on the ISM system, having a special focus on the practical and legal aspects of the Designated Person Ashore, the so-called DPA, in the ISM context.

The aim of this course is to provide knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary to understand the ISM Code and the DPA responsibilities and understand their roles in a modern shipping company. The course also aims to enable participants to carry out the functions of Designated Person Ashore (DPA), under the provisions of the ISM code.


On successful completion of this course, the trainees should be able to:

1. Describe the ISM code, its fundamental requirements and benefits;

2. Apply the guidance and recommendations provided by the IMO MSC. MEPC.7, Circulars 3 to 10.

3. Apply and maintain the Safety Management System, (the SMS), of a shipping company.

Participants in this course will benefit from the following Learning Outcomes:

1. A deeper knowledge and understanding of the ISM code, its background and objectives;

2. A better understanding of the the DPA’s responsibilities and authority, legal exposures and other associated potential issues;

3. A realistic way of understanding the duties of a DPA;

4. A more practical application of the assessing and reporting techniques, during ISM audits and verifications.

5. A more efficient communications with ships’ crew during ISM audits;

6. A method of applying technical and operational aspects of the SMS;

7. A better understanding of the relationship between the ISM Code, ISO standards and SOLAS – MLC 2006 Conventions.


This course addresses the following categories of personnel:

1. Persons appointed by the shipping companies for ISM-related business;

2. Personnel involved in the Safety Management System;

3. Superintendents, auditors;

4. Managers involved in quality management areas;

5. Actual and prospectives DPAs or DPA assistants;

6. Persons seeking a DPA position.


3 days (24 hours)


The course consists of a series of classroom lectures and reading papers. Lecture sessions are conducted by a GIMET instructor in a classroom. Alternatively, students may access the course online, on Gimet e-learning platform, watch the video lesson and download the reading papers.


A final online exam is scheduled at the end of day 3 of the course, covering the course’s curricula. Participants are required to pass successfully 1-2 online self-assessments before attempting the online exam.


Trainees that successfully pass the online exam are awarded an internationally recognized course certificate.


Day 1 (8 hrs): The ISM Code

Day 2 (8 hrs): Designated Person Ashore tasks and responsibilities

Day 3 (8 hrs): Self-Assessments, Online exam and Certification

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