GS-28. Bridge Team Management


This course is designed to deck personnel working on ship’s bridge, having watchkeeping, voyage planning attributes and monitoring ship’s voyage tasks.

Course Type:

Blended (75% online on GIMET e-learning platform, 25% simulator scenarios)

Course Entry Requirements:

The course is open to all seafarers and prospective seafarers before employing on a seagoing ship. However, all personnel who have specific responsibilities on board must receive adequate training according to their duties and responsibilities.

Course Objectives:

This course addresses mainly non-technical skills. Successful graduates from this course should be able to:

  • apply clear procedures during the voyage preparation and voyage execution.
  • work independently with all nautical publications prior and during any sea voyage.
  • apply clear procedures to avoid, or cut the error chain.
  • pay sufficient attention to the Under Keel Clearance (UKC) as a significant parameter of ship’s safety.
  • as a team’s member, apply strict rules to maximize the teamworking results.

Course Structure:

Candidates will use the GIMET e-learning platform to watch a series of video lessons, and to access a broad range of teaching materials: subtitles (or Speaker Notes) of the video lessons, articles, notes, diagrams, dictionaries, guides, link to useful resources, etc. Also, trainees will run 2 independent simulator scenarios.

Course Assessment and Certification:

At the end of the course the trainee has to pass an online Final Exam, consisting in 20 items of various types and a practical simulator scenario. On successful completion of the course, candidate will be awarded an internationally recognized Course Certificate.

Price: 400 euro

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