GN-32. Risk Assessment in Shipping Operations


This course aims to introduce the concept of Risk Assessment and its application in shipping operations. The course also covers the requirements of SOLAS Convention and the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers, as amended.


Seafarers of any rank working in occupational health and safety positions onboard merchant ships.


2 days (16 hours)


The course consists of a series of classroom lectures and educational movies. Lecture sessions are conducted by a GIMET instructor in a classroom. Alternatively, students may access the course online, on Gimet e-learning platform.


The assessment comprises an online exam and an assignment. The online exam consists in 20 questions that must be answered in 25 minutes. The Assignment is a Risk Assessment matrix that must be filled by the trainee for a particular operation onboard a merchant ships.


Trainees that successfully complete this course are awarded an internationally recognized course certificate.


At the end of the course, trainees should be able to:

1. enumerate the types of merchant ships;

2. describe the structure of a merchant ship;

3. explain the layout of the relevant compartments of a merchant vessel;

4. enumerate maritime and shipping operations;

5. enumerate the barriers between the moment of initiating an event and the accident that may result.

6. explain the terms “hazard” and “risk”

7. explain the principles of risk assessment;

8. explain how the risk assessment is performed onboard merchant ships;

9. indicate when a risk assessment should be performed;

10. describe the structure of a risk assessment pro-forma;

11. enumerate the elements of a risk assessment;

12. apply the 6 steps of a rsk assessment for a certain operation onboard merchant ships;

13. indicate the risks of security onboard merchant vessels;

14. perform an initial and a detailed risk assessment for certain operation onboard a merchant vessel.


Day 1 (8 hrs): Familiarization with types of ships, the ship’s layout, definitions and terms, principles of risk assessing.

Day 2 (8 hrs): Familiarize with the 6 steps of risk assessing, apply this for a particular onboard operation.


50 euro

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